The history of the brand places it amongst the leading companies for the production of furnishings for ice cream parlours, confectioner shops & bars, as well as of technologically-advanced, compact and professional, refrigerated, glass display-cases.

LAI was founded in Ovada in 1955 as an independent producer of bar furnishings.
Product quality, together with technical and aesthetic innovation, has played a fundamental role in the development of the company and in the diffusion of the brand both throughout the Italian national territory as well as internationally.

The brand is distinguished both by product innovation as well as by elevated quality standards, which have been obtained thanks production processes which are controlled during every operative phase.

This prestigious brand, which represents catalogue-based production, today belongs to IRD S.r.l., an INDUSTRIEIFI group company, and stands alongside the historic Rossi Dimension brand which boasts over 40 years of experience in the “prestige” segment of custom furnishings.

Today LAI maintains an assortment of furnishing solutions in line with the market trends and an innovative collection of compact and professional glass display-cases for ice-cream parlours, confectioner shops and convenience refreshment locales.


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