Bar furniture

IFI Group is specialized in the production of equipment and furniture for public areas, expecially in bar furniture.
Since the second half of Sixities, IFI became leader in industrial production of bar counters tanks to the masterly combination between wood processing - together with industrial technology for steel processing - and advanced research in the refrigeration sector.
The aestetic solutions of IFI bar counters, coffee counters, restaurant counters or hot counters are the result of scrupolous research and accurate design phase carried out by world-famous designers, in order to assure always advanced solutions continuously updating with the development of the interior design. Bar counters or coffee counters have lots of decorative elements that enrich IFI's products; other products, even simple or minimalist, have particular details of great visual impact.

Pastry displays and Ice cream displays

Has always worked in the Food & Beverage sector, LAI was founded in Ovada, 1955. It was a small artisan firm but the high quality of its products soon allowed it to achieve national and international esteem becoming a leading company in the production of bar furniture (expecially hot counters, coffee counters and restaurant counters) and fittings and refrigerated display cases (for example pastry displays and ice crean cabinets). Today Lai is a prestigious trademark, offering a catalogue production in the Food &Beverage field, owned by IRD S.r.l.
Pastry cabinets
and gelato cases are disegned to give the greatest visibility to the exposed products, the counters are projected like tubs ventilated for grant better technical performances and gelato storage, pastry cases with fixed top or removable drawers in the following units.


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