BG, Counter with gelato and water-ice tubs
Today for those who love the Italian gelato tradition this counter becomes tubs ventilated for better technical performances and gelato storage. Now available in straight or curved units starting from 2 up to 16 tubs, the gelato and water-ice display case fits perfectly with any LAI design. The working temperature ranges from -6°C to -12°C for the counter with water-ice tubs and from -16°C to -20°C for the top counter tubs with gelato. BG is fitted with an internal air mixer to uniform the temperature and permit the perfect gelato storage.

K10 ice-cream display case, compact, with a single row of tubs (36x16.5 cm). Automatic defrosting by means of hot gas for the versions V5/V8/V11

K30 ice-cream display case, compact, with a double row of tubs (26x16 cm) for the versions V5+5/V8+8/V11+11

Linea S Ice-cream display: single row with tubs from 36x16.5 cm.
Automatic, hot-gas defrosting in the V5/V8/V11 versions.
Available in the VBD (1250 mm h) and VAD (1500 mm h) double-height versions.

P60 free-standing. A captivating design, ventilated refrigeration, wide range of aesthetic customisation. Four lengths available (1100-1600-2100 and 3200 mm) for two versions: P60 and P60 Twin.
P60 is a project of the LAI Technical Department with an exclusive design by Marco Valerio Agretti.

P80 ice-cream display case, professional, with inclined, display top and double row of tubs (36x16.5 cm) for the versions V5+5/V8+8/V11+11

P81 ice-cream modules that can be channelled to each other to provide an endless number of variations. Four lengths available (1.100, 1.600, 2.100, 3.200 mm) and rounded modules at 30 open and closed; 45 open.

With its geometrical lines the new display case Pquadro, devised by the designer Marco Valerio Agretti, offers an ideal exposition and visibility of the product. The aesthetic and cutting-edge features involve the glass framework and the front, PQuadro, in fact, is available in two versions: high (h 1350) and low (h 1150).
The design is essential and particularly functional, it strongly enhances the potential of exposition and enables a wide freedom compositions. Ventilated refrigeration with a single air ventilation system for uniform distribution of the air in the tank making it possible to display even ice cream in a “high” position, up to 8 cm from the edge of the tank.
PQuadro is also available in the Pastry or Confectionery display case versions as well as with Dry or Humid Heat, in straight or curved units

Matrix ice-cream display case, professional, with ventilated refrigeration, single air inlet and defrosting through inversion of cycle for the versions V5+5/V8+8/V11+11, and with trapezoid tubs (36x18.5x14.5 cm) for the versions V4+5/V8+10/V12+15 (curved)



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